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Guest classes and lectures

In the municipality of Dronten there are various possibilities for guest lessons and lectures regarding the history of commemoration in the municipality of Dronten or on 4 and 5 May. 

Visit Airgunnersroom 

By: Foundation 4 May Commemoration Dronten


Since 2006, De Meerpaal in Dronten has had a permanent exhibition about the Airgunners. In this way, Dronten wants to commemorate the deceased aircrew in respect. This preserves the story of the Airgunners for the future. The exhibition shows gifts that have been donated by the Airgunners to the municipality of Dronten since 1975. This as a thank you for the hospitality experienced by the Airgunners in Dronten.

The exhibition consists of photos, paintings, sculptures, glassware, pennants, shields and much more. The Airgunners room can be viewed on request. Send an email to

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Aircraft salvage in Flevoland

By: Tjerk Zwanenburg 


Tjerk Zwanenburg is the son of former salvage officer GJ Zwanenburg  who salvaged many aircraft during the reclamation of Flevoland. 


Tjerk, now retired, used to go with his father to the recovery of aircraft in his youth. Based on those experiences, the stories and his father's archive, Tjerk wants to follow in his father's footsteps to share knowledge through guest lectures at schools and lectures. 

The presentation is about aircraft recovery in general and the B-24 Liberator 42-7638 in the Oostvaardersplassen in particular. In the general part, matters such as usefulness, numbers and why relatively many aircraft are salvaged in the polders are discussed. In addition, Tjerk will bring along various authentic objects from salvaged aircraft.

If there is interest in a guest lesson or lecture, please send an email to 

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