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Documentairy 'Never Unprepared'

Omroep Flevoland's documentary "Never Unprepared" tells the story of Scottish bomb aimer William Ward who lost his life in World War II. William Ward was one of the crew members of the Lancaster ED 357, whose propeller forms the Kite Monument in Dronten. Edinburgh history teacher David Clarke researched this former student at his school; Stewart's Melville College. David discovered that Ward crashed near what is now Dronten.

Documentairy 'Never Unprepared'

It is May 4, 2022

Arend Dubbelboer, of Omroep Flevoland, meets with David Clarke. William Ward's story touches them both. The desire arose to investigate William Ward's story further to make a documentary out of it. 'Because this story is important to pass on to young people in schools in Edinburgh and in Dronten,' was the conviction of both men. Contact was made with Almere College in Dronten and teachers Charlotte Mulder and Stefan van der Leeden were immediately excited to explore the possibilities for cooperation. What followed was a visit to Edinburgh with a delegation from Dronten in November 2022 on the occasion of Remembrance Day. 

It will be May 4, 2023

The link between David Clarke's school and the fallen soldier turns out to be closer than the teacher could imagine. William Ward's story is recorded for the future. Relatives of William Ward have been found and now know what happened to their uncle. They were present in Dronten on May 4. All this makes a deep impression on them. There are intentions for further cooperation between the school in Edinburgh and in Dronten. The annual theme text of the National Committee May 4 and 5 this year is 'Curiosity about the other'. And how well this fits the realization of this documentary. The documentary will have a place within the activities of the 4th of May Remembrance Foundation Dronten. Now and in the future to make young people curious about William Ward's story and what we can learn from it. 

Click here to go to the documentary. (Photo: Omroep Flevoland)

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