Welcome to "Stichting 4 Mei Herdenking Dronten"

The aim of this foundation is to organize the annual commemoration ceremony in Dronten. The commemoration in Dronten is special. Former Airgunners from Great Brittain come over to attend this commemoration.

In addition to the Airgunners, representatives of foreign embassies and representatives of the Dutch Armed Forces are present.


May 4, 2020 - Tom Rogers passed away

In the evening of May 4, we received the news that Airgunner Tom Rogers had passed away earlier that day after a short illness. He spent many years with us in Dronten. He also wanted to be here this year. It was not meant to be.

In mind we are with his neighbors, but also with the host family where Tom spent many years and for all of us before he is dear to him.


Remembrance 2020

This years remembrance on the 4th of May in Dronten was really different than thought before. A sober ceremony on the Meerpaalplein broadcasted by Omroep Flevoland.
Our thoughts also went to everyone who had been in the habit of attending the commemoration on May 4 for so many years.
In particular we think of the Airgunners. Three Airgunners planned to come. They were with us from a distance and watched.
But we also thought of the host families. Their house will be empty and especially feel empty this year.
And also the obviousness of the presence of so many others who could not be there now: Flevo-Scouts, Flevo's Mannenkoor, De Eendracht, Maris Sonoris, the adoption school, veterans, active serving soldiers and so many others who are behind the scenes year after year, were ready to realize a valuable commemoration.

We wish everyone a lot of strength today.