Welcome to "Stichting 4 Mei Herdenking Dronten"

The aim of this foundation is to organize the annual commemoration ceremony in Dronten. The commemoration in Dronten is special. Former Airgunners from Great Brittain come over to attend this commemoration.

In addition to the Airgunners, representatives of foreign embassies and representatives of the Dutch Armed Forces are present.


Program 2019

Saturday May 4,  2019   Remembrance
from 16:30 hr Reception of the guests in de Meerpaal.
  18:00 hr

Main theatre room de Meerpaal open for the Memorial Meeting. Everyone welcome. Note: full is full.


  18:15 hr Commencement Memorial meeting.
  19:45 hr Commemoration at Meerpaalplein. Access for everyone.
  20:05 hr Mustang will fly over.
  20:20 hr Edambusters will fly over Dronten
  20:35 hr After party in de Meerpaal.Access for everyone.
Friday May 3, 2019 From 18:15 hr Show Modelplanes on the Meerpaalplein.
  19:00 - 21:00 hr

Tattoo on het Meerpaalplein. Free entrance

The following show bands participate.
  • Jong van Limburg Stirum from Wezep.
  • Percussion band Drum band Rhenen from Rhenen.
  • Historical drum corps of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee from Apeldoorn.
  • Show and drum band Oranje from IJsselmuiden.















Lancaster flies over Meerpaalplein on 4th of May at 19:24h

On the 4th of May 2018, a Lancaster flew over the Meerpaalplein at 19:24 hour. This is a unique happening, because at this moment there are only two flying Lancasters on the world!

The photographs below are made available to the Stichting 4 Mei herdenking Dronten by mr. Arjan van der Logt, for which we are very grateful!