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Recap commemoration May 4, 2023

On May 4, 2023, the 59th commemoration of the dead took place in Dronten. The large number of people on the square, the invited guests, the wreath laying, the music and singing, the poem and the speech were impressive. 

Recap commemoration May 4, 2023

Prior to the commemoration on the Meerpaalplein, a memorial meeting was held in the large hall of De Meerpaal.  A meeting open to everyone. Based on the annual theme of the National Committee for May 4 and 5, "Living with War," this theme was given a dignified interpretation in a varied manner. In addition to music by Charis Music from Dronten, the adoption school 'De Tamarisk', students from Almere College and Stewart's Melville College, among others, made a contribution and the Dance Lab of De Meerpaal performed a dance. Adriëtte Felix-Topper (her family was host family for many years) told about her experiences with the many visits of the Airgunners and the contacts that still exist today. Veteran Paul van Tintelen shared experiences. Hans Maris took attendees through the program.

Afterwards the ceremony took place on the Meerpaalplein. There was music by Harmonie De Eendracht and Maris Sonores and singing by the Flevo's Mannenkoor. The Flevo Scouts carried the Airgunners banner and wreaths. There were flypasts by Tom van der Meulen in a Mustang and the Edambuster flew the formation "lost men. A poem by city poet Marjolein Westendorp and a speech by Mayor Gebben. It was a dignified commemoration attended by many people.

Click here for a photo impression.

Click here for the broadcast on Omroep Flevoland.

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