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Program around Remembrance Day 4 May known in Dronten

The 4 May Memorial Dronten Foundation has completed the program for the Remembrance Day on May 4, 2023. For the first time this year, no Airgunners are present at the commemoration. The transition to a time of commemoration without Airgunners has thus begun.

Program around Remembrance Day 4 May known in Dronten

Family members of Ron Powers are still present this year. Old traditions will take on a different form. The link with the Airgunners will be made there again and again. In this message we inform you about innovative elements in the program and the activities that will take place on and around May 4, 2023.  

11 Airmobile Brigade takes over from the airgunners 

Many years ago, intentions were expressed between the Municipality of Dronten and the Air Force that, if there were no more airgunners, this would be taken over. 11 Airmobile Brigade is going to take over. This unit within the Army is the authority when it comes to air maneuver. Achieving military effects on land from or via the air. Due to the unique cooperation of air and groundwork, the Airmobile Brigade can be deployed quickly. A number of soldiers from this unit will be present on May 4.  

More involvement from education 

For many years there has been involvement from primary schools with regard to the adoption of the Vliegersmonument. This year there is also involvement from secondary education. Ten pupils and 2 teachers from Stewart's Melville College in Edinburgh will be present in Dronten from 2 to 5 May to attend the commemoration. William Ward, one of the crew members of the Lancaster ED357, used to attend this school. They will join students from Almere College in Dronten who attended the Remembrance Day commemoration at Stewart's Melville College in Edinburgh last November. The intention is to come to an annual exchange.  

Memorial Meeting  

The memorial service will start at 6:00 PM in the main hall of De Meerpaal. In addition to invited guests, this meeting is also freely accessible to anyone who wishes. given substance to this theme. In addition to music by Charis Music from Dronten, the adoption school 'De Tamarisk', students of Almere College and Stewart's Melville College, among others, will provide a contribution and the Danslab of De Meerpaal will perform a dance. Adriëtte Felix-Topper (her family was a host family for many years) talks about her experiences with the many visits from the Airgunners and the contacts that are still there today. Hans Maris takes those present into the program.

Ceremony on the Meerpaalplein  

The ceremony will take place on the Meerpaalplein. A few minutes before 8 p.m., city poet Marjolein Westendorp will read a poem. After the Last Post, the 2 minutes of silence and the national anthems, wreaths are laid at the monument. Mayor Gebben concludes with a speech. The square is supported by, among others, the Flevo-Scouts, the Flevo's Men's Choir, Maris Sonores and De Eendracht. Omroep Flevoland broadcasts the commemoration. Appropriate attention is paid to the situation in Ukraine. The Ukrainian flag will fly at half-mast in the square during the ceremony. After the ceremony on the square, there is room for those who want to be together in De Meerpaal Flypasts The British Lancaster of the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will not fly over the Meerpaalplein in Dronten on May 4. This in connection with the coronation of King Charles in the United Kingdom on May 6. On May 4, a few minutes past 8 pm, Tom van der Meulen will fly over in a Mustang. Around 8.20 pm the Edambusters fly over. See for other activitiesour calendar.

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