Programme May 2018 - Dronten

1st May 2018 16:00 h Arrival and meeting in “De Meerpaal”
2nd May 2018 10:00 h A visit to “De Regenboog”
4th May 2018 16:30 h Meeting for the invited in “De Meerpaal”
  17:45 h De Meerpaal is open
  18:00 h Memorial service in “De Meerpaal”. Everybody is welcome.
  19:24 h Lancaster will fly over de Meerpaalplein
  19:45 h Commemoration at the monument on the Rede square
  20:25 h Edambusters will fly over Dronten
  20:35 h Gathering in “De Meerpaal”. Everybody is welcome.
5th May 2018 14:00 - 16:00 h Tattoo on the Meerpaalplein