Program 2019

Saturday May 4,  2019   Remembrance
from 16:30 hr Reception of the guests in de Meerpaal.
  18:00 hr

Main theatre room de Meerpaal open for the Memorial Meeting. Everyone welcome. Note: full is full.


  18:15 hr Commencement Memorial meeting.
  19:45 hr Commemoration at Meerpaalplein. Access for everyone.
  20:05 hr Mustang will fly over.
  20:20 hr Edambusters will fly over Dronten
  20:35 hr After party in de Meerpaal.Access for everyone.
Friday May 3, 2019 From 18:15 hr Show Modelplanes on the Meerpaalplein.
  19:00 - 21:00 hr

Tattoo on het Meerpaalplein. Free entrance

The following show bands participate.
  • Jong van Limburg Stirum from Wezep.
  • Percussion band Drum band Rhenen from Rhenen.
  • Historical drum corps of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee from Apeldoorn.
  • Show and drum band Oranje from IJsselmuiden.